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An IT arm of TrinityClink


Build an app quickly using a emerging platform that seamlessly integrates design, development, testing, deployment, and customization. Adapt quickly to complex needs.


A suite of powerful cross-industry application building and analytics tools to help you design, build, deploy and manage your server-less solution


AR innovations offer new opportunities for a vast amount of markets and spheres. AR technology is unique and noticeable, it gets more virality, more opportunities for personalization, & improve content quality

Who are we

We have a wide range of competencies and a diverse clientele. We work extensively with companies who place a significant demand on the sophistication of our service – especially from a technology perspective. We have emerged as a leading and trusted information technology partner for businesses across Canada and the globe with roots deep-seated in values, we believe we are in the business of building trust. With integrated, end-to-end visibility combined with emerging technologies and subject matter expertise we can optimize user experiences, revenues and thus profitability

Our Expertise

Companies are challenged with evolving technologies and need to quickly introduce new solutions. This is where we come in. We brings in the expertise in Apps, AR/VR and IoT. This helps us build new products/services for client-specific needs with customization and with-in budget.

Our speciality is our availability through multi-channel and prioritizing in-person service

Development Services

Comprehensive solution development services that help companies maximize their innovation potential, accelerate time-to-value, and optimize the market opportunity on a sustainable basis.

Consulting Services

A full suite of business and technology consulting services to help companies succeed in maximizing value from thier service offerings


Seamless integration of platform and/or systems involving collaboration, conceptualization, planning, and designing

Access to the right pockets of talent pools and partnerships with world class organizations enables us to scale up to meet the clients needs in an optimized way
The Company began working towards obtaining required certification for the portion of its operations covered by its Project Management
Time proven systematic processess from requirement gathering through design, development and deployment coupled with continous communication provides the clients with utmost satisfaction
On-time delivery every time all the time. Leveraging the state-of the -art technologies enables us to meet the client's timelines and budget
We look forward to serve you in-person as we see this an an opportunity to meet you and discuss various aspects of the engagement